Broccoli.  The vegetable kids love to hate.  Not sure how to cook broccoli? Try going with steamed broccoli.  Our favorite way to prepare it is to cut the crowns off, and trim to uniform pieces.  Then, steam it on medium, being cautious not to overcook.  When it’s possible to push a fork through the thickest part of the crown, while still meeting some resistance, take it off the stove.  Add butter, salt, and pepper.  It’s quite a treat when prepared this way, but quite miserable to consume if overcooked.  We tend to grow the fine bead varieties, early to medium season.  Most of the time this means late July-early August harvest, and carries on through till late fall.  Growing broccoli isn’t too difficult.  If your garden doesn’t produce enough, come see us.  We should be able to help.