What vegetables do you offer?

We offer quite a variety, which is of course going to be largely dependent on cooperation of the weather and other factors.  With any luck, we should have offerings  of these vegetables.  Adding these to your diet is the best way we know how to eat healthy.

this is a photo of bagged vegetables

Veggies at farmer’s market

Do you offer the same vegetables every week?

In some cases, yes, depending on the vegetable and how the harvest is going.  Usually it’s considered  a good thing to have a steady supply of any particular vegetable through the course of the summer.  For example, with green beans, there should be a steady supply around the beginning of August until the first frost, so if that was the case you should be eating green beans at least once a week.  However, with the variety of crops planted, and the strong will of Mother Nature, you can never count on anything in farming.  So, you probably will not have time to get tired of any particular vegetable.  Eat as much as you can, because after summer’s over you will be eating dusty old produce out of a truck from South America, after it’s been kicked around for a few weeks in a grocery store, handled by people you will never meet who’s language you probably don’t speak and man do you hope they washed their hands when picking those vegetables.  It can be a very good thing to get to know your farm and farmer.



How will weather affect vegetable availability?

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that cold, wet spring means late, late planting, and therefore a shortened gardening season.  It is always possible that you can get the worst of everything, so all the best laid plans of mice and men amount to a hill of beans.  However, if the season ends up being “normal”  then we hope to have a steady supply with only the occasional hiccup.

this is a photo of very large onions

Large Onions

What do I do with the vegetables I get that I don’t like, such as eggplant?

Get creative.  Chances are that you will find a / that you will love, even for a vegetable that you have never liked before.  However, there is no guarantee.  I have been growing eggplant for 25 years and shouting about how healthy they are for you, but I still hate them.  That’s where I get creative.  Let those eggplant get a little wizened, set them up on a fence post and bust out the shotgun.  Great fun. Freeze them and use them for a temporary doorstop.  Palm them off on an unsuspecting friend, much like you would a large zucchini.  The sky is the limit.


Do any of your vegetables go to the food banks or to feed the needy?
We support the Brick Ministries, in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Are you organic?

Our farm is not certified as an organic farm.  However, much of our practices and overall management programs are organic by their very nature.   While we rely very heavily on integrated pest management programs, we do borrow from the conventional side from time to time, which is another way of saying that we use everything at our disposal to use pesticides only as a last resort, and even then to use them in such a fashion as to provide vegetables with zero pesticide residue.    Consistent scouting of the fields for pest problems as well as aggressive hand weeding help to ensure that we will be able to avoid the use of pesticides.  In the end, if we do have to use some of these products, care will be taken to see to it that the food supply is healthy, safe, AND AFFORDABLE, without the pesticide residues you read about from overseas produce.  Plus, no one wants a mouthful of bugs.  We have found a harmonic balance between old world farming practices and 21st century technology, laced with good old common sense.     Remember, we live where we work as well as eat what we  produce, so we have a high interest in seeing to it that what we do is safe and healthy for everyone, including ourselves.

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

Botanically-speaking, the tomato is a fruit and can be further classified as a berry since it is pulpy and has edible seeds. Most of us use the tomato as we do vegetables, primarily in savory dishes. In 1893, an importer claimed the tomato as a fruit in order to avoid vegetable import tariffs imposed by the United States. This dispute led to the Supreme Court ruling for taxation purposes that the tomato be classified as a vegetable, since it was primarily consumed in the manner of a vegetable rather than a fruit which was usually used in desserts.

canning tomatoes

Vine Ripened Tomatoes

What if I want canning quantities of a particular vegetable?
Let us know, we can make those available depending on how the harvest is going at market price.

What about picking my own vegetables at your farm?
Depending on how the season goes, picking your own pickling cucumbers and green beans is a likely possibility. Stay tuned to the website or give us a call as the season unfolds.  Watch the event calendar for our scheduled pick your own days…

Where can I buy your vegetables?

There are several ways to buy our vegetables…First, we will be participating in the Ashland Saturday Farmer’s Market.   Second, you can order by phone or email and we can arrange a pick up or drop off. Or you can stop by the farm!