Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are definitely one of our signature crops.   We all agree that for whatever reason, a successful pepper crop makes for a successful season.  Maybe it is the combination of size, sweetness, and crisp colors that make these so much fun to grow.  Bite into one of these, and you won’t believe the flavor.  Some of our colossals have been nearly three pounds individual weight…our largest on record is 2-3/4 lbs.  Thick walled and juicy, they are sure to add great value to any cuisine.  The jumbo size are usually four lobed and perfect for stuffing.  If you want to make salsa, it doesn’t take many of these, and for larger volumes, ask for our chopper boxes which are available later on in the season.


this is a photo of a pile of green bell peppers

Green Bell Peppers

pepper-pile2 red-bell