Tomatoes are definitely a top item here at the Garden.  Our plants are started early in the spring in the greenhouse, and transplanted as soon as we feel danger of frost is past.  When growing conditions are good, and the nights stay reasonably warm, they will grow like weeds.  Yields can be as much as 30 lbs per  lineal foot of row, and when the picking is good, it’s a real pleasure.  At peak harvest, it’s possible some days to be able to pick a 40 lb tote in less than one minute of fine, quality tomatoes.  They taste so delicious!  We have researched over 40 varieties in the last 6 years, and continue to rotate new ones in as they are discovered.  Most of our tomatoes have a very small core, which means a very small waste pile at canning time.  Usually the harvest will begin near the end of August, and continue on through until a frost.  Part of our offerings include roma tomatoes, and also a sweet variety of golden tomatoes, which look and taste great in salads.  Come to the farm, we’ll be happy to show you our tomato plants as you continue your journey to eating healthy!

Also, we love to talk gardening.  If you want to swap ideas on how to grow tomato plants, come see us.